Month: November 2014

CaribVic pays tribute to Phillip Hughes

The West Indian community and members of the Caribbean Association of Victoria- CaribVic, we extent our sympathies to the Hughes family for the tremendous loss of their son and brother Phillip Hughes.
To Cricket Australia and all cricket enthusiasts we feel your loss and mourn the passing of the young Phillip Hughes. May he Rest in Peace.

Let us all rally around Sean Abbott the traumatised bowler at this sad time.

Adding Pimento – Caribbean migration to Victoria, Australia

AddingPimento-COVER (1)

This is the much anticipated community book announcement.

On behalf of The Caribbean Association of Victoria (CaribVic), Victoria University

and Breakdown Press –

Adding Pimento: Caribbean Migration to Victoria, Australia

Published December 2014, is a reality.


In addition to Readings Carlton, Melbourne’s Brunswick Bound bookshop (Sydney Rd, Brunswick)

will stock some copies, from 9 December.


The title Adding Pimento alludes to the berry (also known as allspice) or the mild Pimento pepper added to Caribbean food for a distinctive, pungent flavour. The leaf and wood are used in the smoking process for enhancement to the famous barbecue jerk dishes. In this context, the Caribbean people and their stories of migration have added another layer to multicultural Victoria since the early 1800s.