CaribVic welcomes all those who are associated with the West Indian / Caribbean community in any way.  We are

The Caribbean Association of Victoria (CaribVic) Inc.

This site will provide community news and information for all those with a West Indian / Caribbean heritage in Victoria, Australia.

Our community is as wide as it is diverse, and to all of you we say “Welcome”.

We are responsible for the representation of the cultural heritage for the Caribbean/West Indian community within Victoria.

Exciting things are happening in Victoria with the Caribbean/West Indian community, including:

  • Monthly Brunch: held on the last Sunday of the month at different locations around Melbourne allowing the community to meet regularly
  • Cultural events for children: where the stories and songs of our parents are passed on to the next generation.
  • Youth programmes.
  • Dinner Dances: where we all come together to celebrate our culture.

How can I get involved?

As a wise man once said “Decisions are made by those who turn up”.

Participate in the community, attend events, encourage others to become involved. We are all volunteers in CaribVic and we are a ‘Not for profit’ organisation so all the funds raised go back into your community projects.

We have both free and ticketed events, and as a member you will benefit from discounts on ticketed community events, so become a member and get involved.

Use this site as your guide, so sit back, read on, and enjoy what we have to offer.

The Caribbean Association of Victoria (CaribVic) is an organisation set up by and for all those associated with the West Indian / Caribbean community.

Our community is as wide as it is diverse, and our heritage is rich as it is precious.

Our aim is to promote, support, and encourage our community members to be the custodians of our West Indian / Caribbean history, customs, food, and traditions.

CaribVic would not exist without those that had come before, and we all would like to recognise this and give them our thanks.

If you wish to become a member of CaribVic, please see Membership Form available on this site or join us at one of our many events throughout the year and sign up, or email :- .

We look forward to seeing your soon.

The Present Committee Members are:-

PRESIDENT : Patricia Thomas


SECRETARY : Louise Pellew

TREASURER : Roger Phillips

ORDINARY MEMBERS : Romain Grenville
                                                      : Daniel Agyeman
                                                      : Carlisle Richardson