Barbados Beyond Boundaries (BBB) is a community-constructed digital space, mapping contributions of the vast ways people from Barbados and the diaspora commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Barbados’ Independence.

The main objective of the project is to promote an accessible diversity of narratives that relate to ‘Barbadianness’ in the context of 50 years as an independent nation. Therefore the term ‘Beyond Boundaries’ refers to experiences that go beyond geographical, cultural, generational and racial stereotypes.

The Digital Mapping Space

BBB will create a digital platform of exchange between community groups as well as individuals across the diaspora and work with them via online workshops on diverse approaches for engagement and contribution to the project within and across their territories.

BBB functions under the ethos of a facilitated network of content contribution. This means it is implementing a co-constructed approach to project design with local and diasporic community groups, overseen by the museum curatorial team.


Participation in BBB can happen at two levels of submission – individual or community project.

Individuals can submit an artefact in the digital medium of their choice (text, movie, photo, soundbyte) via the Museum portal for review. After approval, your artefact will be linked with the geographical location you specified on the BBB digital map. This then can be accessed by anyone who would like to hear about your experience!

Community groups and organizations can also submit their projects or collated artefacts. In addition to archiving the way you are experiencing Barbados’ 50th Independence wherever you are, the digital map can also act as a connection device, facilitating interaction between different community groups across the world.

Contact Information

Please email Natalie McGuire at for enquiries into the Barbados Beyond Boundaries digital map, or to book a virtual consultation on how your community project could be integrated.

Click here for the submission portal